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Adventure, Exotic and Expedition Cruises

Unleash your energy aboard an adventure cruise. Let RubysTravel plan a cruise for you that is focused on experiencing life outside, these cruises offer several stunning destinations and multiple-sport activities.

Take a cruise that is bursting with color to Central America, discover the region that has a rich tapestry of geography, culture, and ecosystems. Trek the lush canopy of Costa Rica's Tropical Rainforests, marvel at the ancient Mayan ruins of Belize and explore the teeming coral reefs and powder soft sands of the Caribbean Sea. Central America is a cruise destination with culture, and wildlife. Choose a Central America cruise for your next vacation and experience a wondrous stretch of land comprising seven countries, each with picture-perfect coastlines, wildlife-rich jungles, and lively cities. Drift along the coasts for jungle expeditions, visits to ancient cities and days of snorkeling and sunbathing.

Party in Mexico and say hello to the pristine beaches and sparkling blue waters, a great destination for water sports and bargain shopping. Party in buzzing beach resorts, trek to mysterious Mayan ruins and discover underwater worlds during cruises around this colorful country. Stop in ports such as Puerto Vallarta and Cabo San Lucas, spend days at the beach, dipping into seas of translucent aquamarine. 

Set sail on an exotic cruise to South America and visit cities where you can easily experience the culture so unique to this area of the world. Cruise to a world of color, music and beauty, this dazzling and diverse continent. Combine wildlife, ancient historical sights, city excitement, and adventure sports all in the same trip with a South America cruise. Luxuriate in lengthy journeys that could take you to spectacular Inca ruins, lively capital cities and mountain-lined rivers in one action-packed vacation. 

Enjoy exotic islands of the South Pacific and have a life-changing experience, whether you plan to visit the Polynesian islands of Tahiti or explore the reefs, rain forests, and unique flora and fauna of Australia and New Zealand. Enjoy islands lined with coral beaches and surrounded by translucent seas during a cruise to this enchanting region. The islands known collectively as the South Pacific, promise luxurious and entertaining tropical escapes. Visit this breathtaking array of archipelagoes scattered across the Pacific Ocean for all the crystalline waters and swaying palm trees you could possibly want. 



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