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European Cruises

Whether you want sun-drenched beaches or iconic landmarks, find your choice on a cruise through this action-packed continent.

Europe is a multifaceted cruise destination, with some of the world’s most impressive coastal cities just a short boat ride apart. Linger in the extravagant oceanfront principality of Monaco one day and stroll around the Colosseum in Rome the next. On just one Europe cruise, you can experience Nordic hospitality in Oslo and take a shore excursion to the Hermitage in St. Petersburg. Depending on which direction you go, a cruise to Europe could involve gliding beneath the aurora borealis or swimming in the balmy Aegean Sea along a sun-soaked Greek island.

With so much to see and do, cruise lines often separate their European itineraries by regions. Drift through Russia’s spectacular cities on a Baltic cruise. Pull into port in Lisbon, Monte Carlo or Florence in journeys through the Western Mediterranean. Cruises to the Eastern Mediterranean may take you to the ancient ruins of Athens, the charming towns of Montenegro and the atmospheric islands of the Cyclades.

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