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Tropical & Warm Weather Cruises

Whether you are wanting to escape from the winter months or take a tropical summer cruise, at RubysTravel we promote, sell and know a lot of exciting tropical and warm cruises for you to enjoy. We will help plan the perfect tropical cruise whether it is to Bermuda, the Bahamas or the Caribbean, we have something for you. 

Sail the southern Caribbean, where waters are warm and islands are plentiful. Travelers looking for world-class diving often head to the Western Caribbean, while the Eastern Caribbean is known for its duty-free shopping. 

Bermuda is a 21-square-mile island paradise is located due east of South Carolina. If you’re looking for a relaxing vacation, consider Bermuda, where many activities are centered on the island’s beauty and tranquility. 

The Bahamas is made up of more than 700 tropical islands extending from southeast Florida to Cuba’s northeast coast. Most ships stop at the cities of Freeport and/or Nassau.

There are cruises to just about every tropical island out there! Big ships, small ships and in-between ships. All our team to help you find the perfect cruise vacation.


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