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About Us

In order to provide the best service for our clients, RubysTravel has over 40 travel consultants with his or her own area of specialty.  Whether you are interested in Destination Weddings, Honeymoons, Family Vacations, Cruises, Group Travel, a corporate event, or just a quick getaway, we are happy to assist you in your traveling needs.  Let our expertise help you in your decision-making process. 


To keep us up to date, we provide training for all of our agents at least once a month. Tour operators, hotel and resort representatives, and even cruise line managers give presentations, while Ruby provides a home-cooked Italian meal. We eat as a family while learning about new vacation opportunities for our clients.


We travel a lot to experience the destinations that we send our clients to. One of Ruby's favorite trips was to Africa with Ruby’s daughter's Briana and Vanessa as part of her Girl Scout Gold Award project. In 2010 Briana helped a school start a chicken farm as a way for them to feed their village and raise money to sustain themselves. In 2013 Vanessa helped start a Band so the school can play for Wedding's, Birthday's, Ceremonies, etc as a way for them to raise money.  After all the work was done we went on a safari. That was an experience we will never forget!


Some other places Ruby has toured recently include Ireland, Hawaii, Punta Cana, Mexico, Aruba, St. Thomas, The Bahamas, Puerto Rico, Turks and Caicos, Curacao,  Jamaica, St. Lucia, Italy,  Antigua, Grenada, Turkey, Hungary, Prague, Austria , Germany, Peru, Martinique, Costa Rica, and so many more.



RubysTravel is a full-service agency. Our goal is to earn your trust and loyalty with the best service possible!


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RubysTravel is a Proud Member of

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